How to Order

What you will need:

  • Pad of paper, Pencil, A Copy of Triplast Order Form

Complete an order form

Download one here

For a replacement countertop:

  • Measure your countertop dimensions – Depth & Wid
  • Note the shape – Straights, L-Shapes, U-Shapes, Irregular
  • For assistance in finding measurementsg – Please review the instructions in our “How to Measure” section.
  • Note the style of the edges:
    • Front – 90° No drip edge, 180° Roll, 1½” Square edge
    • Back – Post Formed (4” or 3”), Flat Roll, Clean Cut, 180°Roll
  • Copy your measurements onto the Triplast Order Form
  • Note the required laminate product number and colour

For a new countertop:

  • Draw the counter top on the Triplast Order Form
  • Measure the dimensions of the space where the counter top will be positioned, note on drawing
  • Draw in any obstructions such as radiators, pipes or plumbing that cannot be moved
  • Using the Drawing Terms and Symbols indicate the type of countertop and required dimensions
  • Review the Order Form Information Page