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Laminate is versatile, dependable, and relatively inexpensive compared to other countertop materials. The vast selection of colours and patterns provided at Triplast makes laminate countertops an appealing, economical choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

Laminate countertops are available in a number of profiles. The most common is called “post-formed,” which means that the countertop is formed from a single piece of laminate that’s shaped into a backsplash at the rear and a rounded edge in front. Since it’s a single piece, it has no seams and no corners to catch dirt. It’s a simple to keep clean and some have a no-drip, slightly raised front edge to keep spills from running over.

Triplast is a trusted leader in the countertop industry! Our in-house manufacturing expertise and facilities enable us to complete any custom order as well as meet large production needs. At Triplast we manufacture countertops for residential homes, commercial applications and health care facilities.

What is laminate?
Plastic laminate is made from layers of paper that are first impregnated with resin and then bonded together under pressure and high temperature—forming a thin, rigid sheet. Branded manufacturers of laminate such as Formica, Arborite, Wilsonart, Pionite, and Nevamar are glued to a wood substrate typically for countertops. At Triplast, we carry an assortment of stock colours and textures. We are sure that you will find a colour best suited from our selection, but can also custom order from a huge assortment of colours and patterns.
Is one finish better than another?
There is no one "best" finish in regards to durability of laminate finishes. At Triplast we can help you assess the differences from matté, gloss, and specialty textures. A particular finish may wear better depending on the level of usage. All laminates are vulnerable to chips, excessive heat, cracks, and scratches when not properly cared for.
What are the differences in laminate countertops?
Triplast offers five standard profiles of laminate countertops with optional integral backsplashes, from the simplicity of our 180° Roll to the practicality of a Ogee.
Can I repair a damaged laminate countertop?
Laminate is a thin material and requires proper maintenance. Unfortunately chips, burns, cracks, and scratches cannot be repaired and a replacement countertop is recommended.

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