How to Measure

90° No drip edge front, rear post formed countertops

Standard measurements:
  • Kitchen countertop depth is 25”
  • Vanity countertop depth is 23”
  • Bar countertop depth is 27½”
  • Backsplashes are 4” high (measured from the top of the counter)

Now that you're all set

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  • Depth is measured front to back.
  • Width is measured left to right.
  • Backsplash height is measured from surface of countertop.
  • If the counter top is not “standard”, note all of the differences on the Order Form.
  • Indicate length of tops in inches only, i.e., 87” not 7’3".
  • Always Indicate depth of countertop: e.g., 25” or 23”.
  • Do not forget to indicate your choice of colour.

Measuring tips:

  • Measure the wall directly behind the existing countertop or new cabinets.
  • Use our Order form to write down measurements; please use one form for each colour and style.
  • Select the appropriate diagram on the order form and write your measurements in the spaces provided. Check that all sizes are specified.
  • Place vanity, kitchen and square tops on separate forms; using the appropriate term as indicated under the Order Form section.
  • Use our Order form to write down measurements; please use one form for each colour and style.
  • If the shape of the counter top is unusual, please bring in a template. Make sure that the counter top will fit through doorways, hallways, staircases, etc.
  • On L-shapes show the depth on both sides of the L-shape drawing.
  • Indicate special sizes by circling or highlighting the measurement.
  • Finished end caps are 1½”, unless otherwise mentioned.
  • If rounded corners are required, indicate radius by the inch in a footnote - i.e., 2” radius and draw in the curve.
  • For boxes and special cut-outs, bring a template of the top. Out of “Square” counters, also require a template
  • Show the length and width of the cut-outs.
  • We suggest a counter top have a 1” overhang on each side when sitting on a cabinet (remember this when ordering)